Tuesday, November 22, 2011

War again???

It is coming. If you pay attention to the news, you can see it with the same clarity you can see the nose on your face. War. Such a filthy little word. Three letters that when put together, can tear lives apart, destroy families, murder countless innocents, and tarnish the red white and blue. As, the 1960's protest song said, what is it good for?
As I listen to the talking heads spraying of the cold venom of hatred, I can't help but wonder what kind of country has this become? Do we the people no longer have a say in what is done with our military. Shouldn't sending the children of the men and women of this country 10,000 miles away to a desert be something we decide as a collective? How many of these saber rattling politicians, would continuously bang the war drum, if they were the ones on the front lines being shot at? It's the heaviest of heavy situations.
The war on terror, is not a conventional war. It like the war on drugs, or the war on illiteracy, is not a conventional war that can be fought with military might. Terror exists and will always exist, as long as human kind is cruel to each other, domineering, and greedy. We as a whole can no longer allow ourselves to be taken in by such random senseless acts of violence. Is it okay, that since the attacks of September 11, 2001, thousands of Americans have been killed in a war we have no chance of winning? Who are we fighting? Is there a clear enemy, who is identifiable by a uniform, and has the backing of a recognized nation? Or are we fighting a group similar to our forefathers who see violence as the only response to years of American intervention in the politics, and policies of their own nation?
These are the questions I ask myself on this rainy Tuesday afternoon. Before you say, oh he's a terrorist himself, or if you don't like it leave it, or what ever stupid notion you can devise to assure yourself that America is just and right in all endeavors, please ask your self what you would do, if Russia and China did the same thing here that we do there. Would you stand with the Chinese and watch as your neighbors, friends and relatives, were taken away tortured, raped, beaten, and imprisoned indefinitely? Or would you take up arms, and fight? Are we really so different from them?
If you were the smallest kid on the block, and all the bullies had a slingshot wouldn't you want one too? What if the same bullies told you you couldn't. Would you do it anyway, to preserve your own safety?

We cannot allow our nation to be pulled into yet another prolonged military intervention in any middle east nations. What those people, and their governments are going through are not our business, nor have they ever been. China doesn't tell us to balance our budget, or give them our natural resources, so their companies can turn around and sell them for profit, why should we. We were at one point in time a beacon of hope, freedom, peace and justice in this world, it's time we bring that back. It's time to listen to Ron Paul. He's not crazy, and the news media that is largely funded by the same folks that build the bombs, airplanes, and various munitions of war, want you to think so. The Masters of War want to continue their profiting, and raping of you and I. While they hide in buildings, faceless, and watch our children die. It's time to stop this....

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