Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy a Platform.

As a rapidly approaching middle aged father of three, I have become obsessed with the news. I have often been known to rant needlessly to friends, and relatives on numerous occasions regarding this, that, or the other thing in the local and national news. On more than one occasion, I have been told to start this blog, and now with a little extra time on my hands I am doing so. This will be the first of many posts I am sure, so before we get started a there are a few things you should know about me before you begin. I am not a liberal, or conservative. I do not believe the two party system works, and tend to lay into both sides equally. I use the 7 words you shouldn't use on TV quite regularly, and consider them as splashes of color on an artists canvas. I am not a big fan of the media, as I think they are bought and payed for. Fox News in particular has become one of  my biggest sources of anger as of late. I am a fan of freedom. I am a fan of the Constitution, (that I swore to defend in the year of our lord 1995). I am not a fan of war, rumors of war, injustice, violence, home owners associations,  the war on drugs, and lying. So onward and upward as Willie Wonka once said.

Today it is with a heavy heart I choose to address the youth that has chosen to occupy the streets in protest greed, injustice,  the rising costs of healthcare, student loan debt, home foreclosures, and just the general shit state of our country.

I for one would join your movement if I understood it. I am part of the 99% you speak of. I have a hard time understanding your cause though because you seem to not have one. Keep in mind the people you are protesting against have an agenda. The agenda is to make money, come hell or high water. Protesting these assholes, while calling your friends from your iphone, is going to do no good. It is just more of the same, they are still making money off of you. If you want to protest, do it the right way. DROP OUT. Forget the cell phone, stop driving your car, give up your drivers license so you don't have to pay car insurance, shop at second hand stores, don't use the internet, stop watching TV, and what ever you do, do not allow your selves or your movement to be high jacked by political party. I see it coming day in and day out. President Obama saying he understands you, protesting beside you, Nancy Pelosi, saying "God Bless you". Seems to me the democrats want to embrace a movement that they themselves are just as responsible for as the republicans. It will not serve the purpose of your movement to be politically overtaken. If I were you, I would use this as your slogan.

We will not just go away.

We will not surrender.

We will not be high jacked by political party

We are the unnamed masses

Until the criminals the sold our jobs overseas, foreclosed on our homes, and kept us in 
perpetual debt, have been imprisoned for their crimes, we will protest.

See, sounds nice. It has some balls. It's got a point.  It gives you a message, something you and your movemnt seriously lack. Sitting in a park, mindlessly chanting, is no form of protest. As my friend Pete the old hippy once said, " ain't a protest until I smell teargas."

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  1. Right on brother. I find myself in the same situation with friends and family, but the don't listen, do they? It is the normalcy bias. Meanwhile we can see ourselves boiling like frogs a little more every day.

    I thank you for your service and look forward to more ranting.